Cerakoting Service

We offer Cerakoting device for various items, including but not limited to the following:

We sell out of these locally and at shows as fast as we paint them. Email us with Questions


-Select Sunglasses (some will not hold up)

-Bows/Compound Bows/Crossbows

-Golf Wedges

-Fishing equipment

-Boat parts email with pictures and questions to shawn@warrdogz.com

-Car Parts (intake tubes, air cleaners, valve covers, certain hard plastic dash parts, etc..)

-Firearms/Firearm parts (at this this time only accepting already broken down firearms and local drop off only) For more questions email Diana at diana@warrdogz.com

-Also offering High Temperature coatings, that resist up to 2000°F

- Personalized 80% AR Upper and lower, with or without hand-gaurd kits. Priced at one solid, email for pricing on multiple colors and deigns. Upon request we can have you a complete 80% personalized kit, which will include everything you need to complete your AR, including jig and bits. All that you'll have to do is finish the last 20% of your custom AR.

-Custom Cut Vinyl Stencils, including but not limited to names, dates, times, design/patterns etc.. Vinyl does have limitations, so some patterns may not be possible. Email any questions or design ideas to see if we can accommodate your design to diana@warrdogz.com

-Bicycle Parts including frames, wheels, goose-necks, seat posts, etc..

-Quad and Motorcycle frames and parts, depending on size and style. Email with pictures and questions to shawn@warrdogz.com

Email for specs on the applications Cerakote is good for, sales@warrdogz.com