We have a 48 hour cancellation policy, orders cannot be cancelled after 48 hours. If you choose to cancel within the 48 hour period, you will be refunded minus the processing/restocking fee. Please read product descriptions and lead times fully before placing your order. Right now we cannot guarantee Lead Times, if you are not ok with possibly having to wait longer, please do not order. It's not that we don't appreciate your business, of course we do, it is just very difficult to give exact Leads Times. If you have any questions please see our FAQ, email or text us (717)889-0228. Thank you!

Due to everything going on in the country we have had a significant increase in orders. We have also had an increase in customer calls, email, and messages. We are trying to answer everyone as quickly as we can and working hard to get all orders out as quickly as possible. We apologize for any delay in getting your order out and we greatly appreciate your patience and understanding during this time. Once you have placed an order it will be listed as "Processing". Processing means you build is in our Build Queue Line (for 80%s, Uppers, Cerakoted items etc.) or we are getting your parts together for shipping. We promise you when your order is in processing it is in line or being worked on. Once it is ready to ship it will move into "Pending Shipment" or directly to "Shipped", you will receive an email with tracking information. We are working overtime to get everyone's order out as quickly as possible. As everyone is aware, everything in the Gun Industry is delayed with the COVID-19. At this time we cannot guarantee the lead times listed in the product descriptions but are working hard to get orders out as quickly as possible. We also cannot spend all day answering order status updates, this takes away from helping answer customers other questions, placing orders, finishing orders, and getting orders shipped out. We will only give you 2 Order Updates, while your order is processing.

Our Custom Builder's Sets, Complete Uppers, and 80% Rifles are listed as IN STOCK, but they have to be built to THE SPECIFICATIONS YOU CHOSE, that is why there are Lead Times listed in the description. All Builder's Sets, Complete Uppers, and 80% Rifles are built in the order they are received. Again they are listed in stock so you can order, but they are built to your specifications, please see lead times before ordering and expecting it to ship right away.