With the Covid-19 and everything in the Gun Industry we are in crazy times, please read product descriptions and lead times fully before placing your order. Right now we CANNOT GUARANTEE LEAD TIMES, if you are not ok with having to wait longer, please do not order. It's not that we don't appreciate your business, of course we do, it is just very difficult to give exact Leads Times. We will only give you 2 Order Updates, while your order is processing. If you have any questions please see our FAQ, email or text us (717)889-0228. And please remember when you message us, be kind it is a human being responding to your calls, texts, and emails. Thank you!

We are about triple our normal lead times, but have made a serious dent in or orders and that number should be coming down soon. That is due to the massive amount of orders we have received. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ASKING FOR AN UPDATE IF YOU ARE NOT PAST NORMAL LEAD TIME IN PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. Thank you to everyone who has ordered and is ordering for your support. We truly appreciate all of our amazing customers!