About Us

Warr Dogz
Wicked Designs to cause Maximum Annihilation

We are located in the country side of York, Pa. Here at Warr Dogz we strongly support the 2nd Amendment, III%'ers, NRA, our Military, 1st Responders, and just as importantly the true American Patriots who are looking to defend our country, their family, and their fellow Americans from all threats foreign and domestic.

We take pride in the work we do, we take it very seriously, and we don't rush any step of our work, design, prep, creation, and packaging. The Cerakoting paint is only going to come out as good as your prep work. We prep our Cerakote work to The Cerakote standards to insure the most durable finish . We design and cut all our vinyl in house. We build some our equipment with top quality parts and components to insure the products we are completing are to the highest standard.

Feel free to message us, email us at sales@warrdogz.com, or call at (717)889-0228