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California Compliant Engraving
  To ship an 80% Lower (80% Lower Receiver, Upper & 80% Lower Receiver Set, Builder's Set, Complete 80% Rifle) to CA, it must have the CA Compliant Engraving on the lower. When ordering please add in Special Notes or Email us the CA Compliant Engraving information.

We will need:
• Serial Number: Enter your desired serial number in this box. We recommend using less than 12 characters of text. You can use letters, numbers, or combination of both. ATF requires serial numbers to be unique for each firearm you serialize. Every serial number engraving will start with S/N:
• Caliber: We will mark your receiver with “Cal: Multi” as shown in photos.
• Manufacturer’s Name: Enter the name of the person who will complete the lower. Maximum of 30 characters of text including spaces. We may have to split it into two lines of text if you exceed 14 characters. We highly recommend using your real full first and last name.
• Manufacturer’s City and State: Enter the city and state of residence for the person who will complete the lower. Use a 2 letter state abbreviation. Maximum 30 characters of text including spaces and commas. Anything exceeding 14 characters long may be split into two lines of text.
• Model Number: A model number is not required to be engraved except if you will be registering your rifle as an “assault weapon” with the CA DOJ. There are additional requirements for registering an assault weapon. California assault weapons must be engraved with a serial number provided by the CA DOJ. The assault weapon must have been built prior to 01/01/17. A model number must be engraved on the assault weapon in order for it to be registered as such. (Most people use “AR-15” or “AR-10” for the model number of the rifle they plan to register with the CA DOJ as an assault weapon.) If you are not registering your rifle as an assault weapon, you can make up your own serial number as long as you do so prior to 07/01/2018.
Can I cancel/change my order?
Orders cannot be cancelled after 48 hours of receiving. For orders cancelled within 48 hours you will be refunded the amount minus up to 30% processing/restocking fee (does not matter if you cancel 1 second or 48 hours later). Custom upper/build orders will incur a $250 cancellation fee, plus up to a 30% processing/restocking fee.

Orders cannot be changed once the 48 hour cancellation grace period is over. Small changes, such as color(s) can be made, but not likely once you are past the 1-2 week mark of ordering. Please email us as soon as you realize a change needs to be made. We may be able to change something case by case, email us to verify. You may incur a fee depending on the change there may also be a restocking fee depending on change(s).

There is no returns on used or custom orders/custom products.
Can I get a Discount?
  We offer a MIL/LEO discount, we customize this to your order so please contact us before purchasing.

For all other discounts:
We are happy to offer a discount for return customers, referrals (people must tell us you sent them), and multiple purchases at one time. Please do not complain that you are not getting a half off or free Complete Upper or 80% Rifle, we do everything we can to keep costs down so we can only give so much of a discount. There is also our time for your custom build, while we love what we do this is our job and no one wants to work for Free. Bottom line we are happy to offer you a discount, but do not beg, bug, or complain to get a discount, we will no longer be happy to give a discount.
Can I get my Complete Upper or Complete 80% Rifle with No Engravings?
  Our Complete Uppers and Complete 80% Rifles come with Warr Dogz engraved on the Uppers and/or Lowers. These are our builds, they will have our name on them just like any other company. The Bolt Release side engraving on some of our themed builds (Big Bad Wold, Warr Dogz Skull etc.) can be left off upon request. We must have the request in writing, special notes when ordering or immediately after ordering through email.

If you are ordering stripped parts, ie stripped upper receiver or lower, upon request we can leave our company name off. We must have the request in writing, special notes when ordering or immediately after ordering through email.
Can you put cheap high quality parts in my build ?
  Let us explain. Our personal .223 Wylde AR's, awesome looking barrels, cool styles, nice looking builds. We used cheap "cool looking" budget barrels, gas blocks etc.. So range day comes (we did it a few times to make sure it wasn't a fluke) we get the scopes "sighted in" iron sights "sighted in" first few rounds you would get close to where it was "sighted in" eh ok could be wind, maybe I moved... No we would check the zeroing again, get it close, some shots 2" to the right, some 4" to the left, some shots "where the hell is it?" Did I blink, did I breath, was there an earthquake? Lol. No it's not like Pulp Fiction and it's Divine Intervention or Expendables 2 and the safest place is in front of their guns... It's using cheap sh*t budget AT2 parts. So the moral of the story is put in cheap parts, your gun may go bang, but you're not hitting targets, reliably.

So we will not build cheap "high quality " budget builds. If you want one of those builds, there are plenty of companies out there that are willing to sell you junk, so the problem is yours and the $$ is in their pocket.
Do you offer a MIL/LEO Discount?
  We do offer a MIL/LEO discount, we customize this to your order so please contact us before purchasing. Thank you for your Service!
How do your Complete 80% Rifle kits come? Do I finish them or do you?
  Your 80% kit you have to finish the last 20% of your lower. You have finish cutting out the fire control pocket. IT WILL NOT LEAVE OUR SHOP DRILLED OR MILLED ANYWHERE NEAR THE FIRE CONTROL POCKET. It is illegal for ANYONE other then the purchaser to mill out the last 20% of a lower. It is illegal, which is clearly stated in the ATF rules for anyone except the purchaser to drill a single hole to start the 80% competition or use a business' s machine to finish your 80% lower. The ATF clearly states that the purchaser will be considered the manufacturer of this lower. You are the sole owner for this lower for life. It cannot be sold or transferred. Please be aware of these rules before purchasing.

PLEASE do not ask us to finish your 80% lower, the answer will always be NOOOOOO!
How does your layaway work?
  The short, simple answer, we take your total cost and split it up
into 2, 4, 6, or 8 payments over 4 months. After 1st payment we start
getting your parts together and we send out your build once it is completed after final
payment. To see full details click here.
Quote Times/Build Times
  All quote/build times are an estimate. We do not control when we have an extra rush of orders. We complete all fully paid orders in the order they are received. Some orders do take longer to complete then others, but we work very hard to get all orders out in a timely manner. We understand you are excited to receive your purchase and do our best to get everything out in the specified time listed in the product descriptions. We also understand that as it gets close to that time you will want to check in, but please do not call, text, message, email dozens of times asking if we are done with your order. Art and perfection takes time, please be patient.

Please also keep in mind for Complete Uppers/80% Rifles you are not getting just a Cerakote job, you are getting a complete custom build. Most Cerakote shops run a 4 week waiting time or longer for Cerakote alone, we try to get all custom builds out in that 4 week period.
What does ON-BACKORDER mean?
  On Backorder means that either, we are awaiting on the products (for products we do not make), we are working on our next batch (for products we make), or we maybe awaiting on supplies for complete uppers/builds. When you order something on-backorder you are on the wait list (orders are filled in the order they are received) and when the item is ready it will ship out or finished being built then shipped out. If a lead time is listed on an product that is On-Backorder, the lead time is not applicable. Unless otherwise specified in product description there is no specific time the item(s) will be shipping out/available. If you purchase an item On-Backorder, that means you are willing to wait until they are in or ready.
Why Build with an 80%?

Reason 1) Because it' your god given right to build your own personal firearm

Reason 2) Your 80% firearm has no serial number and, therefore, is not registered. When a tyrannical government needs to pacify a population, they need to disarm them. So they look up registered firearms owners and start knocking on doors. No papers = no knock.

Reason 3) Because you are manufacturing a firearm for personal use, no FFL is required!

And we quote, “There are no federal restrictions on an individual making a firearm for personal use, as long as it does not violate the GCA or National Firearms Act (NFA)”.

Reason 4) It’s cool as hell. You can be with your buddies at the range and tell them your shooting your own rifle, you manufactured it.

Reason 5) The education alone is worth 10 times the cost of the build. Once you have finished your build, will you have a much deeper understanding of how your firearm works and what all is inside it.

Reason 6) Now that you are moonlighting as an armorer, your cost of owning and maintaining a firearm decreases because you aren’t paying someone else to swap parts.

Reason 7) You have a completely custom build. From start to finish you can use all the parts you want and none that you don’t. This goes hand in hand with…

Reason 8) It is a ton cheaper than buying a prebuilt gun, just to take off all the standard parts and rebuild it the way you want it. You have endless options of parts to chose from with Warr dogz

Reason 9) It is so easy (read “fun”) there is no excuse not to. The biggest reason that 80% lowers have become such a popular option these days is that it literally requires no previous machining experience whatsoever and only a few common tools and the 80% Arms Gen II Jig here.

Reason 10) With as little as 30 minutes worth of work, within an hour you can have a fully functional custom rifle with high quality custom parts. We took all the guess work out by putting together some of the best parts to give you reliable, accurate, and smooth functioning rifle.

How do I contact you?
  Please click here for our company contact information.