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12.7x 42(.50 Cal) Upper & 80% Lower - Cerakoted

12.7x42, .50 Wolf, .50 Wulf, .50 Beowulf, Big Bore, 12.7x42 Upper and 80% Lower, .50 Wolf Upper and 80% Lower,  .50 Wulf Upper and 80% Lower,  .50 Beowulf Upper and 80% Lower,

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Our Price: $172.00

Product Code: WDCUL-50

Buffer Tube:

Hardware Cerakote:

Upper Hardware:

Add Engraving:

CA Compliant Engraving:

Caliber on E.P.D. (inside):

Caliber Engraving:


3 or More Colors Stencil Pattern:

Cerakote Color(s):

Signature Required:

Special Notes:


We took our uppers a few steps further and opened our ejection port opening to 0.65in instead of the standard 0.62in and we also opened the upper right side for no cycling issues spitting out the big bore brass. For the finishing touches to make this a true big bore upper we blend the feed ramp to aid in the center feed design unlike most that still have the M4 .223/5.56 feed ramps, which is not needed in the 12.7x42(.50 Cal) design. We then sand all openings and edges to remove any burrs to aid in the ejection of the brass. Upper will come as stripped upper only, unless hardware kit option is selected. Hardware kit includes, ejection port door, rod, spring, c clip, forward assist button, spring, and pin. Please add in notes if your prefer hardware package loose or installed by us.

Please make sure to list your Cerakote color in box before adding to cart (see color chart in pictures for color choices), If nothing is listed you will receive Graphite Black Cerakote for your upper and lower. Please allow 1-2 weeks, possibly sooner for standard Cerakote colors. We also offer Sandblasted Upper and 80% Lowers here.

• Larger ejection port opening

• Blended center feed ramp

• Hand smoothed and inspected

• All casting ugly casting marks are sanded smooth

• 7075 Aluminum

• T6 Heat Treated

• 80% Machined Lower (just needs trigger and safety well machined)
• Optional Engraving

•Magwells are flared and broached for ease of magazine swaps
• Optional Engraving (Not available for CA purchases, your CA Compliant Engraving will be there)
• California Compliant Engraving for California Residents*


Your options for Cerakote are 1 color of Cerakote, 2 Color Battleworn, 3 Color Cerakote Stencil, or 5 Color Cerakote Stencil. If you are selecting one of the stencil options please be sure to select which stencil pattern you would like.

If you are adding the Hardware (Forward Assist and Ejection Port Door) we can Cerakote those as well. You can have them Cerakoted the same color as the Upper or a different color. If you would like to leave the Forward Assist Black and just Cerakote the Ejection Port Door, please list that in the Special Notes section.

Be sure to list your Cerakote Color(s) in the Cerakote Color section.

Please allow 1-2 weeks, possibly sooner for completion, since these are custom for each order.

California Compliant Engraving:
• S
erial Number: Enter your desired serial number in this box. We recommend using less than 12 characters of text. You can use letters, numbers, or combination of both. ATF requires serial numbers to be unique for each firearm you serialize. Every serial number engraving will start with S/N:
Caliber: We will mark your receiver with “Cal: Multi” as shown in photos.
Manufacturer’s Name: Enter the name of the person who will complete the lower. Maximum of 30 characters of text including spaces. We may have to split it into two lines of text if you exceed 14 characters. We highly recommend using your real full first and last name.
Manufacturer’s City and State: Enter the city and state of residence for the person who will complete the lower. Use a 2 letter state abbreviation. Maximum 30 characters of text including spaces and commas. Anything exceeding 14 characters long may be split into two lines of text.
Model Number: A model number is not required to be engraved except if you will be registering your rifle as an “assault weapon” with the CA DOJ. There are additional requirements for registering an assault weapon. California assault weapons must be engraved with a serial number provided by the CA DOJ. The assault weapon must have been built prior to 01/01/17. A model number must be engraved on the assault weapon in order for it to be registered as such. (Most people use “AR-15” or “AR-10” for the model number of the rifle they plan to register with the CA DOJ as an assault weapon.) If you are not registering your rifle as an assault weapon, you can make up your own serial number as long as you do so prior to 07/01/2018.

Caliber Engraving:

You can choose to have the Caliber added to the Warr Dogz engraving or if you would prefer to not have it added.

80% lowers are NOT an FFL item. No FFL is required for transfer and machining, please machine work MUST be done solely by the buyer to keep the ATF from knocking at your door. The only things left to finish this off into a fully functional lower receiver is to mill the trigger pocket, safety selector, trigger and hammer pins. The rear lug pocket is already complete, one less step to worry about.

Feel free to email us with any questions.

*No returns accepted, all sales are final*

***We Have NO affiliation with Alexander Arms, our 12.7x42(.50 Cal) is a Warr Dogz design.***

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